Protagonist Studio is a narrative-centred design consultancy based in London and Amsterdam.

We take a unique, “story first” approach to User Experience, Product Strategy and Content Development, that gets you to a better product or service experience faster, and with less wasted effort.

We help you craft a narrative that shows where to go next.


You want to create experiences that are meaningful.


Narrative is how you get there.

In the decade-plus we’ve spent designing, researching and writing about user experiences, we’ve noticed something about the really meaningful ones: they have clear narratives. They make sense, in a way our brains are evolved to grasp.

So we’ve made it our job to see the story in every design challenge. We know that great experience stories have a hero, and it’s not you, your product or your brand—it’s your user. We’re fascinated by your users.

Your story has power.

It gets you to the right journey faster, and keeps your multi-talented team synced up and working toward a common goal. It bridges the gaps that can fragment an experience, and creates the moments that knit it into a seamless whole.


We work with tech, finance, health, consumer goods, nonprofits, government services, creative agencies, and more.


Good story is universal.



You’re in the right place.

We partner with your organization when you’re seeking a new angle, a clear path through complicated challenges, or a deep-dive that reveals new opportunities for growth. We build our team around yours, complementing the talent you already have in house. Because no one knows your business like you, the people who live and breathe it every day.

We work smarter and harder, to help you solve complex problems in less time, with fewer missteps.

Interested in learning more about how narrative can help shape your design strategy?


Drop us a line.


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Amsterdam, NL
+31 61 260 3995

Victoria Kirk-Owal

London, UK
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